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Lithuanian magicians wow Dohaites

2008 turėjom pasirodymus Katare (Qatar).

Mums ten labai patiko ir mes matyt taip pat patikom žiūrovams :)

Straipsnyje parašyta, kad mes pirmą kartą koncertavom Katare... Tai netiesa, ten jau buvom 1995-ais.

Po tiek metų pamatėm labai daug pasikeitimų...

Šiais metais taip pat kvietė, bet atsisakėm, nes turim kitų planų... kokių? Paslaptis!!!

Some photos from Qatar (Doha) 2008 | Keletas nuotraukų iš Kataro (Doha) 2008

Gerbėjai. Kai kurių deja veidų negalima pamatyt.

Pagavau pats. Be meškerės!



Magic theatre group 'Diarchy' from Lithuania wowed audience at the City Center on Tuesday with their breathtaking performance.
The troupe is performing for the first time in Qatar. The show, organised by Lana International group headed by Svetlana Levitskaya, provided unadulterated fun to the people who had turned up in strength at the City Center on the occasion of Eid.
The group performed some exciting tricks which left the audience spellbound. The children were left awestruck by magic items like chopping a person on stage, a table floating in the air, opening a newspaper after it is torn into pieces and others.
While the grown-ups tried to figure out the techniques used by the magician in presenting the tricks, the kids were busy lapping up the unbelievable acts with alacrity.
The two magicians, namely Arvydas Gaiciunas and Diana Gaiciunas, performed one magical act after another and kept alive the audiences interest all through the show. Both Arvydas and Diana were dressed in blue and they used their expressions, intelligence and experience to float cigarettes in the air, create illusion of dropping coins in a container and tear paper into pieces and join them into a single piece. Another trick that involved rolling of a ball on a silken cloth left the audiences in splits and took their excitement to a new level. Diana, the female magician, mesmerised the crowd with her expressions which were more powerful than her acts. With subtle facial expressions and eye movement she was successful in weaving a magic much to the excitement of the audience.
In fact, Dr Litti who had come to watch the show said, «I came here because I wanted my kids to enjoy but I am myself stumped with the brilliant tricks of the magicians.»
Talking to Qatar Tribune, the magician Arvydas Gaiciunas said, «We are very happy with the response of the people who really seemed to enjoy our performance. We demonstrated various acts of illusion, magic and hypnotism to entertain the people. We are here to amuse and astonish Dohaites.»
The theatre group has already performed in 32 countries around the globe. Their names have also figured in the Guinness Book of World Records.